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NOTICE: WEM20 has now moved over to the online arena becoming #VirtualWEM20 – a virtual conference to be held on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020. Immerse yourself in a WEM online environment where you can be inspired from the comfort of your sofa (or, frankly, from wherever in the world you can get online). So, unfortunately whilst this particular workshop won’t be running, you can find our brand new #VirtualWEM20 programme including inspiring panel sessions and fascinating speakers here.

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Are you a fully qualified medic looking for a change of direction?
Do you have a passion for adventure and travel?
Are you looking to take your career to the extreme?

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions, then this workshop is a must!

As part of our ‘Expedition Essentials’ theme running across all 3 days of the conference, our ‘How to get your First Job as a Remote Medic’ workshops will cover and provide all the essential knowledge any wannabe remote medic might want or need to know. Each workshop will be relevant and reflect the overarching theme for that day so Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (Day 1), Disaster and Humanitarian Medicine (Day 2) and Extreme Pre-Hospital Care and Retrieval Medicine (Day 3) with the panel members picked from each discipline.

So, if you’re thinking about a career change or wanting to add a little adventure to your life, these sessions are the perfect opportunity to discover first-hand how to get into the industry from those people that have already done it!

The workshops running are:
Day 1: ‘How to get your First Job as an Expedition Medic’ – Sat 17th October at 3pm
Day 2: ‘How to get your First Job as a Humanitarian Medic’ – Sun 18th October at 3pm
Day 3: ‘How to get your First Job as a Pre-Hospital Medic’ – Mon 19th October at 11am

During the sessions our WEM team, along with special guests will be joining together to share their stories and discuss how they made it to where they are today. As well as listening to their own personal experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly), you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of our faculty, which should enable you to get some direction and clarity in order for you to be able to pursue your dream career. If you have a specific job post or expedition in mind, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to ask those burning questions and receive unique first-hand advice that is quite literally priceless.

Here are a few of the most popular questions asked from previous conference sessions:

  • So how do you prepare for it?
  • What courses are relevant?
  • How can I make it a career?
  • And if I do not want to make it a career how can I juggle a full-time post with the NHS with my passion for expedition or remote medicine?

Take the first step on the road to an amazing extreme medicine career by booking your place on our #WEM20 conference today! Once you’ve confirmed your place, plan out your days based on the guest speakers you wish to listen to and the workshops you’d like to attend and then from the 19th September 2020 start booking your preferred workshops.

You can find out all about ‘What’s New’ for #WEM20 here.

With so many amazing career opportunities all over the world, what are you waiting for?