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This week we’ve got a space medic discussing a procedure in microgravity, a mountain medic on medevacs in the Himalayas, an emergency medic’s new treatment for extreme foot blisters without the need for medevac, and another emergency medic with a case report on asthma, rafting and high-altitude.

Séamus Thierry

Specialist Physician in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Lorient General Hospital, France

Seamus is a certified specialised physician at Lorient General Hospital and an associate researcher at the Laboratory of Psychology, Cognition, Communication, Behaviour at South Brittany University, France.

Beyond his regular medical work, Seamus’ interests include Space Medicine, involving a role as Scientific Director and Coordinator of two studies on emergency airway management under microgravity, undertaken during the 55th and 57th CNES Parabolic Flight Campaigns.

He has the chance to become a Member of the Space Medicine Group of the European Society of Aerospace Medicine, the Aerospace Medical Association and Aerospace Medical Physiology, and the French Society of Aerospace Medicine (SOFRAMAS).

And it’s Seamus’ space med knowledge you’ll be learning from at #WEM21.

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Oro-tracheal Intubation In Microgravity: Where Are We?

Stig Opdohl

Senior Consultant in Acute and Emergency Medicine

Skien Hospital, Norway

Stig is joining us from Norway, where he’s a Senior Consultant at Skien Hospital and a specialist in family medicine.

He mixes things up during the winter months, becoming a medical/operational leader in training British military forces in Arctic conditions and survival in his home country.

Stig is no stranger to working with Norwegian military forces, either. During the army’s four-day march in Holland, he led a medical team to develop a treatment protocol for extreme foot blisters.

Want to learn to treat expedition-ending foot blisters? Stig has a solution that avoids the need for medevac.

So keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Extreme Foot Blisters

Suvash Dawadi

General Physician

CIWEC Hospital and Travel Medicine Center, India

Suvash is a GP based in India had has many special interests. These include Sports Medicine, Travel Medicine, Expedition Medicine and High-altitude Medicine.

Mountain Medicine is Suvash’s speciality, though. Upon completing a Diploma in Mountain Medicine in Nepal in 2014, he served as faculty and coordinator of the same course. He worked as an expedition doctor on Kilimanjaro and supported multiple high-altitude events like the Manaslu and Mustang Trail races. He’s also volunteered as an Everest ER doctor in 2018 for the spring climbing season.

And speaking of mountains…

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Helicopter Evacuations in the Nepalese Himalayas

Tapash Ienka


Tapash gained his MD in Ukraine and a Masters in Emergency Medicine from Geroge Washington University in Washington DC. He now works as a consultant at a medical school in Eastern India with 1,800 beds.

It’s Tapash’s mission to combine the two things he loves – Emergency Medicine and adventure – particularly where he feels it’s needed most, like outdoor sports.

He’s also a keen mountaineer and loves trekking and white water rafting, which explains his session topic this November.

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Wilderness Emergency Medicine Case Reports: Asthma at Altitude and River-Rafting Expedition Anaphylaxis


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