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Introducing a powerhouse husband and wife veterinary team, fresh from training dogs in Afghanistan. Plus, two medics from different disciplines, both focusing on the power of POCUS in their fields. And a Royal Marine Commando Paramedic who feels ‘at home’ cut off from civilisation in the jungle with next to no resources.

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Erin Kilborn

Emergency, Expedition and Humanitarian Medic

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Erin Kilborn, MSF

Erin joins us for #WEM21 with substantial experience in emergency and humanitarian medicine. A Glasgow University and Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine graduate, she undertook a three-month expedition in Borneo, a trek in the Peruvian Amazon and another with Raleigh International.

However, her four missions as a humanitarian medic with MSF comprise most of her experience. Deployments included Haiti and Gaza, specialising in Burns, Central Africa Republic in a trauma centre and Syria, working in both an emergency department and refugee camps in the northern Kurdish territories. Her time in Gaza also involved time in a specialist antibiotic and Ortho-plastic program managing wounds complicated by osteomyelitis.

Gaza and POCUS is the focus for Erin’s session this year…

So look out for…

  • Session: Gaza POCUS Revolution

Tom & Sonia Roffe-Sylvester

Managing Director and Clinical Director, Co-Founders

Veterinary Task Force

After completing time in the British Army as Veterinary Officers, Tom and Sonia co-founded the Veterinary Task Force, serving as Managing Director and Clinical Director, respectively.

Tom qualified from Cambridge Vet School before joining the army and serving in Afghanistan, Brunei and Nepal. During his eight years as a Veterinary Officer, he undertook additional roles as Officer Commanding of the Veterinary Services Training and Advisory Board and in the Canine Training Squadron. He also trained dog handlers in advanced first aid techniques and created the aeromedical evac of military working dogs from operational theatres policy.

Sonia qualified in 2007, gaining experience working as Clinical Director for a mixed veterinary practice and serving as a Veterinary Officer in the army, where she led the advanced canine trauma training in Afghanistan.

Both Tom and Sonia have masses of experience in training others and treating dogs in the field, so we highly recommend you…

So keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Pre-Veterinary Care – Managing your Canine Patient

Andy Hughes

RM Commando Paramedic

Royal Marines

Andy certainly knows how to thrive in the harshest environments on earth. He’s undertaken multiple tours on deployment in the Arctic, Mountains, Desert and Jungle.

Over 20 years’ experience as a Royal Marines Commando Paramedic means he’s also well versed in delivering tactical trauma in hostile areas when things go wrong – skills he passes on by training military and government specialist groups.

For Andy, though, his first ‘love’ is Jungle Medicine. After conducting six trips to Borneo in complete isolation and minimal resources for weeks on end, he insists it’s the place he feels ‘truly at home’.

And it’s from this specialist area of interest that Andy is pulling his considerable wisdom and advice at #WEM21!

So keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Lessons Learnt from a Decade of Jungle Experience

Chris Duncan

Specialist Registrar in Intensive Care Medicine

A Specialist Registrar in Intensive Medicine, Chris is especially interested in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and has published a book on the subject, entitled Ultrasound for the Generalist: A Guide to Point of Care Imaging.

Chris is also an exercise, travel and adventure enthusiast, experienced in delivering medical cover at endurance sporting events. But it’s travel and adventure that pushes him on, seeking the most effective methods of using portable Ultrasound in remote environments. That’s evident in his book, where he dedicates a chapter to ultrasound use in Pre-hospital, Military, Remote and Austere Medicine.

To say that Chris ‘knows ultrasound’ would be an understatement – so you’ll want to get involved for this one…

So look out for…

  • Session: Ultrasound Workshop


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