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Another week, another five #WEM21 speakers to announce!

Read on to discover a neurosurgeon who’s dabbled in med-tech and a pre-hospital medic who used to run the only paramedic school in Alaska. Also, learn about an Emergency Doctor with 5,000 dives to her name and meet two colleagues, a Chief Medical Officer and a Biomedical Engineer, both working to reduce the risks of human space flight.

3, 2, 1…

Philippe Schucht

Professor of Neurosurgery and Deputy Chair

University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland

philippe schucht WEM21 speaker

Philippe holds several roles at the University Hospital in Bern, including Professor of Neurosurgery, Deputy Chair, Head of Research and Education, and leads the neurosurgical oncology program.

He’s an honorary Professor at the University of Yangon and a visiting Professor in Mandalay. He also set up a non-profit organisation in Myanmar for medical education seeking to improve neurosurgical care. Throughout the decade of his work at both universities, he’s taught countless medical personnel and spearheaded annual surgical missions out into the remotest regions of the country.

He even dabbled in the med-tech world following a brief tenure at Harvard, co-founding Trustedoctor. An online service, it gives anyone in the world access to consultations with medical specialists.

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: A Health Care Community Under Attack

Teresa Gray

Executive Director, Paramedic/RN

Teresa Gray WEM21 speaker

Teresa has clocked up over 30 years in pre-hospital medicine with a dizzying roster of roles. They include rural and metro ground ambulance, SWAT medic, helicopter medic, critical care flight paramedic, owner of the only Alaskan paramedic school (for ten years) and consultant to ambulance services across the USA.

Retired from street medicine since 2016, Teresa now operates a successful medical humanitarian aid NGO. Mobile Medics International has coordinated missions in five continents and over ten countries, including the refugee crises in Greece, Colombia and Mexico, medical self-sustaining missions to the Philippines and Uganda and disaster responses to American Samoa, Haiti, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Texas, the Bahamas, Louisiana, North Carolina and more.

With all said and done, Teresa is undoubtedly more than (over) qualified to deliver her session topic at #WEM21 – and it’s sure to be invaluable to many!

So keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Swipe Right, Finding Your Volunteer Medical Mission Match

Karina Oliani

Emergency Medical Doctor

Karina Oliani WEM21 speaker

Karina is a specialist in Wilderness Medicine at the Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS), an Emergency Medical Doctor, and the Wilderness Medicine Brazilian Association (ABMAR) founder. She’s also the co-founder and president of Dharma Institute, tasked with bringing specialised medical treatment into the most remote communities worldwide, coordinating around ten expeditions a year.

Passionate about outdoor sports and challenges, she’s participated in numerous sea, mountain, jungle and desert expeditions and trips – over 90 in total so far. She’s climbed Everest from both the south (2013) and the north (2017) and completed K2 in 2019. Interestingly, she’s also the first person to traverse a lava lake!

Karina has also been an avid diver since she was 12 years old, completing over 5,000 dives in every ocean and diving with the world’s largest sea predators.

She’s also a director, producer and presenter for television shows like Celebrities’ Challenge and Extreme Mission on the Discovery Channel.

You don’t want to miss hearing from Karina – she certainly can’t wait!

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: When Distinct Medical Fields Overlap

Emmanueal Urquieta

Chief Medical Officer

Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH)

Emmanueal Urquieta WEM21 speaker

Now it’s time to leave earthly medicine and enter the realm of space medicine.

Emmanueal is CMO at the NASA funded TRISH and Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Center for Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (CSM). Not to mention, he’s also a private pilot and scuba diver.

With a background in aerospace medicine and emergency medicine, he’s worked as Flight Surgeon in Mexico City’s Police Department and taken part in hundreds of rescue missions and evacuations in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service ‘Condors’.

In 2017, Emmanueal joined the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) XI mission at NASA Johnson Space Center. There, he spent 30 days in a capsule to simulate a deep space long-duration mission.

And since it’s tough to find an environment more extreme than space, you want to…

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Emerging Technologies for Medical Care in Extreme Environments (with Jimmy Wu)

Jimmy Wu

Instructor and Associate Director

Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine (CSM)

Jimmy Wu WEM21 speaker

Jimmy is an instructor at CMS, Associate Director of the Exploration Medicine Laboratory and serves as the Senior Biomedical Engineer at the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH).

His work at CSM involves developing, evaluating and integrating technologies that reduce human system risk during exploration space flight missions. Performing a similar role at TRISH, he also leads a team working on medical technology projects and managing biomedical research on private commercial space flight missions.

Like Emmanueal, Jimmy is associated with NASA Johnson Space Center. His 14 years there involved engineering, integration, operations, research and development and various other roles related to human health and performance during space flight – including support of the medical kits for Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Jimmy will join Emmanueal on stage at #WEM21 for a fascinating discussion.

Keep a lookout for…

  • Session: Emerging Technologies for Medical Care in Extreme Environments (with Emmanueal Urquieta)


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