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The first few minutes of a multiple casualty terrorist attack are the most vital.
Would you know how to act?

Back by popular demand after the sell-out sessions from our 2018 conference our interactive simulation ‘Caught in the Middle of a Multiple Casualty Terrorist Attack…’ was back, bigger and bolder than ever before. We can’t tell you too much, but it proved to be an ‘explosive’ session!

This workshop was the ultimate training ground for encountering the issues you’re likely to confront when practising medicine in remote, under-equipped and extreme environments. Attendees needed to think on their feet, have their wits about them and be prepared to practise medicine during an extremely realistic terrorist attack simulation.

The session started with a short talk on ‘The Evolving Terrorist Threat’ and what to do in the first crucial minutes to help keep yourself safe and be able to save the lives of others. In small groups they then moved onto our highly immersive workshop, where people were given the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test and rise to the challenges of practising medicine in extreme and low resource environments!

While fully immersed in the simulation our experienced and highly trained pre-hospital emergency medical specialists helped attendees understand the sorts of issues – they were likely to encounter and how best to effectively treat them on-site until the patient can be transferred to hospital.

By attending this unique workshop delegates were taught the most effective, proven-in-the-field simple skills, techniques and knowledge to save lives in those critical first few minutes before the arrival of the emergency services on scene.

Here’s a little taster of what they were part of:

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