Will Duffin

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Will Duffin

Professional title: 
General Practitioner
Companies & organisations: Freelance GP, Brisdoc Urgent Care Clinician, World Extreme Medicine Co-Medical Director and Conference Content Director, Bristol University Teaching Associate

Will is a passionate GP, educator, innovator and adventurer.

He balances inner city General Practice with teaching roles for World Extreme Medicine, Exeter University Medical School,  Bristol University and NB Medical Education.  He is also passionate about making medical education in extreme environments more accessible through his work with the online WEM Academy.

He has provided medical cover for well over a dozen overseas expeditions, from commercial high-altitude treks, to working with UNICEF in Myanmar, to reality TV in remote Pacific islands, through to working as a Transiberian train doctor. He thrives in newly formed teams operating in low resource and remote environments that require camaraderie and grit.

Will takes great pride in his work as a medical generalist and seeks to provide the best possible care to his patients through a journey of continuous personal and organisational improvement underpinned by knowledge-sharing and innovation. He wants to help other clinicians to be the best version of themselves and prepare them to operate in extreme and unconventional environments. He believes in clear, concise educational resources that are truly relevant to the coalface practitioner.

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