Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Professional Title:  Expeditions Manager, Council Member of Royal Geographical Society

Companies and Organisations: Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions, Royal Geographical Society

Session: Safety Planning for Expeditions

Steve worked in finance and banking in London for eight years, was an expedition leader and country director for Raleigh International for seven years, and the base manager of the largest non-governmental operation in Antarctica for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC. He has hard-won leadership experience in high-risk environments where decisions save lives.

He is an expert on polar expeditions, expedition planning and safety management. He has been a member of the World Extreme Medicine faculty for more than ten years training on communications, security, and safety management planning and a frequent speaker at WEM conferences. Steve is the Expeditions Manager for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions LLC. He works as a speaker and advises on safety management and crisis management to extreme adventures all over the World. He is a council member of the Royal Geographical Society.

He has led expeditions to Brunei, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. As a polar guide he has led groups to both North and South Geographic Poles and on expeditions to Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland, and Spitsbergen. As a mountaineer, he has climbed in Antarctica, the Russian Caucasus in winter, reached the summit of Denali three times, made twelve first ascents in Greenland, has climbed on Mount Logan, and on three expeditions to the Karakoram.