Nich Woolf

Nich Woolf

Professional Title: Paramedic

Companies and organisations: Festival Medical Services

Session: Marooned in paradise

At the end of 40 years in the Ambulance service Nich has utilised his paramedic skills to work in a variety of situations. These have included Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Vanuatu, Haiti and Senegal. Nich specialises in teaching resuscitation, mass casualty triage in resource poor situation and strongly believes in leadership and capacity building. Since 1993 he has been working as a volunteer to improve medical care through small low cost projects that avoid corruption and political interference.

Nich’s job title is ‘Paramedic’ and is registered with the HCPC. Nich lives in Somerset where he helped set up a charity Festival Medical Services. They work as volunteers at large festivals and the money we are paid goes to medical charities all over the world. Nich has worked with three services in the UK, most recently the Welsh ambulance service.