Neil Rushton

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Neil Rushton

Professional Title: GP

Session 1: Three Months as a GP on Everest

Session 2: Adventure in Covid Times – Raising 10k by Walking to London

Neil describes himself as an ‘ordinary GP’ who has made Wilderness Medicine and Extreme Medicine an important part of his medical life. He’s convinced it’s what’s saved him from burn out and believes it’s probably the reason why he’s still working at 69. Neil’s experience is broad and mirrors the three sports (all joint friendly!) he most enjoys; swimming, cycling and walking. These three sports have led Neil to swim the channel, cycle from Lands End to John of Groats and walk to London during Covid for charity.

In his words ‘I feel a bit like a poacher turned game keeper’, as he initially did a Remote Medicine MSc in Plymouth and is now an examiner for the Extreme Medicine MSc in Exeter. Neil also teaches Wilderness Medicine to second year medics on a three week course each year, has done two ascents of Kilimanjaro commercially and walked the Great Wall of China. He works two days a week as a GP, drives a 1966 Morris Minor Convertible and is set to take on the Thames Marathon 14km swim as his next challenge.

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