Nathan Hudson-Peacock

Nathan Hudson-Peacock

Professional Title: Expedition Doctor

Companies and organisations: Eco Medics

Session 1: Expedition Medicine – How and Why?

Session 2: Eco Medics – Extreme Sustainability

Nathan Hudson-Peacock is a London-based doctor working in emergency medicine, critical care and expedition medicine. Frustrated at the prospect of a career limited to the inside walls of a hospital, and the predictability of the usual training pathways, Nathan decided to step off the treadmill and explore the world of expedition medicine. Since then, he has worked on numerous expeditions, from the Cambodian Jungle to the Volcanoes of Ecuador. However, these expeditions have exposed him to cultures around the world and have highlighted the devastating impacts of climate change on these communities. Nathan is now a passionate speaker not just about expedition medicine, but also about sustainability at home, in healthcare systems and when we travel.