Moniek Mestrom

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Moniek Mestrom

Professional Title: Ship Physician & Resident in Emergency Medicine

Companies and organisations: Oceanwide Expeditions and VieCuri Medical Centre, Venlo, The Netherlands

Session: All aboard! Life as a Ship Doctor in Antarctica, Russia and Beyond!

Moneik is a resident in Emergency Medicine living and working in The Netherlands, but always keen for new adventures that take her all over the world. Since 2013, she has gained experience in ICU and Emergency Medicine in the Netherlands and worked in a rural hospital in Suriname for 6 months before applying for her first trip to Antarctica as the ship physician in 2017. Since then, she spends 3 months a year working as an expedition doctor, mostly on expedition voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic but also on a charity bike ride in Malawi in 2019. All of these voyages have been unbelievable, the most eventful one though was her trip to Greenland in September 2019 where one of the passengers had a cardiac arrest…far away from any help and  more than 550 miles from a helicopter rescue.

For Moneik, 2020 was due to be a great year with another visit to Antarctica, crossing the Atlantic and a month in the Russian Far East, but COVID changed that unfortunately. Subsequently she was excited to get the chance to be the doctor on board the brand new icebreaker ASRV Nuyina, during her seatrials in Norway, late 2020. Moneik is hoping for a better 2021 with lots more expedition medicine!

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