Megan Evans

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Megan Evans

Professional Title: Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Doctor

Companies and organisations: DDRC Healthcare

Session: Looking After Divers in Remote Locations

Currently working as a dive and hyperbaric medicine doctor at DDRC in Plymouth, Megan is a junior doctor and divemaster with a love of adventure and marine conservation. After foundation training, Megan did the WEM expedition and wilderness medicine course, then worked as an expedition medic with Blue Ventures in Madagascar. She has also worked with Floating Doctors, a charity providing medical care to rural indigenous communities in Panama.

Unfortunately her trip to Indonesia last summer with Opwall to work as a dive medic was cancelled, but she is hoping to go this year instead! After her time at DDRC, she will do anaesthetics training – the plan is to continue to work in expedition and diving medicine alongside anaesthetics. Megan is also hoping to get into TV/film set medic work, and her dream is to be the medic supporting a TV crew including underwater videographers on a ‘Blue Planet’ type project!

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