Lucille Chauveau

Lucille Chauveau

Professional Title A&E doctor and primary healthcare practitioner

Companies & Organisations GIFH Facteurs Humains en santé

Session Title Remote Island Medicine in the South Pacific

Lucille Chauveau is a french A&E doctor and primary healthcare practitioner, currently working on French Polynesia islands.

After a first expedition in Greenland, she decided to specialised her practice in primary health care in remote places, more specifically on remote Pacific islands such as Moorea, Huahine or Maiao lately. She also trained for a year in aerospace medicine in Paris in 2018.

Lucille now works as an emergency doctor in Tahiti’s main hospital, realizing medevac by air, from Polynesian islands scattered over an area as wide as Europe. She also takes part in patient’s sanitary repatriation to France.

Beside clinics, she conducts medical anthropology research on the experience of healthcare through culture and isolation, aiming to adapt healthcare, medical training and prevention campaigns in archipelagos.

Half-marathon runner, diver, skydiver, guitar player and outdoor lover spending a part of her free time hiking mountains and beekeeping, Lucille is also a founder member of the GIFH “Facteurs Humains en santé”, an interdisciplinary group (pilots, doctors, air controllers, power plant station safety manager, sociologist,…) focusing and raising awareness on the importance of human factor in healthcare for better teamwork (