Kate Baecher

Australian psychologist and mountaineer Kate Baecher

Kate Baecher

Professional Title: Clinical and Performance Psychologist

Companies and organisations: Elysium High Performance

Session: Human Psychology and Performance at Altitude

Kate is an accomplished Australian performance psychologist with over 15 years’ experience, specializing in work which sits at the nexus between human behaviour and complex environments.

As a Clinical and Performance Psychologist, coach, trainer, and international speaker, she has worked with elite teams, corporate leaders, members of Australia’s Special Forces and television personnel. Kate is accustomed to helping individuals and teams optimise their performance in high-risk and high-stress environments, including operational work in Afghanistan and East Timor throughout her Army career, and refugee camps in Bangladesh with her disaster response work. Kate has coached many professional sports teams and organisations to develop cohesion and strengthen mental acuity, including National Rugby League clubs, the Australian Defence Force, Special Air Services (SAS), NSW Police, Qantas, Telstra, the ABC and the Australian Federal Police. She has also worked on a number of television shows as a psychological coach and profiler as well as developed duty-of-care programs for broadcast networks.

She has provided a wide range of services including consulting, workplace well-being assessment, working with management teams, coaching and leadership training as well as critical incident related work. Her individual clients have ranged from foreign correspondents to rugby players, to corporate lawyers and everything in between.

Her greatest professional passion, however, has been her work involving the development of psychological training, consultation and resources for working in remote, wilderness, extreme and austere environments.

Kate is a registered clinical psychologist and has completed her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University as well as a Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Psychology (Hons). When she is not working, her passions lie in the outdoors, regularly climbing rocks and mountains throughout Australia, the Nepal Himalaya, Europe and Asia.