Karina Oliani

Karina Oliani

Professional Title Emergency Medical Doctor

Companies and Organisations Wilderness Medicine Brazilian Association (ABMAR)

Session Title When distinct medical fields overlap

Karina Oliani is an Emergency Medical Doctor that has specialized in Wilderness Medicine at the WMS and afterwards she has founded the Wilderness Medicine Brazilian Association (ABMAR).

Outdoor challenges and sports have always been her passion, and because of this, she has participated in countless expeditions at sea, up mountains, in jungles and in the desert, including climbing Everest 2 times – by the South face in 2013, North face in 2017, K2 in 2019, the first person to do the largest traverse over a lava lake and she has been in more than 90 different expeditions and trips as a medical doctor.

She took her first credential when she was 12 y/o and has dived in all the oceans with the biggest predators with more than 5.000 dives since she first started diving.

In parallel to her medical career, Karina has directed and produced audio-visual content for many adventure sports and expedition series as a presenter and guide for the reality shows “Celebrities’ Challenge” and “Extreme Mission” on the Discovery Channel, Facebook Watch, Channel OFF, Rede Globo and also international TV.

Karina Oliani is the co-founder and president of Dharma Institute that has the mission of taking specialized Medical Treatment to the most inhospitable and remotes communities in Brazil and the world. She coordinates approx. 10 expeditions per year in the Amazon, Brazilian Drylands, Kashmir, South Pacific and Africa.

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