Josie Gilday

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Josie Gilday

Professional Title: Global Medical Adviser

Companies and organisations: Save the Children International

Session: What Kills 5 People a Minute, With 4 of Those Deaths (80%) Being Avoidable? 

Josie Gilday is the Global Medical Adviser at Save the Children International. A qualified nurse specialised in tropical diseases, with a Masters in Public Health in Developing Countries. Before this role, Josie was the Health Advisor for West and Central Africa for the British Red Cross. She has also held various positions with MSF including setting up and managing paediatric and adult primary and secondary health facilities, proposing and developing nurse training programs, researching and writing the nursing component of MSF’s Non-Communicable Disease guidelines and designing IV fluid holders for Land Cruisers. These roles included spending time in various countries including Haiti, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Myanmar, DRC, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Guinea and South Sudan.

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