Hugh Montgomery

Hugh Montgomery

Professional Title: Professor of Intensive Care Medicine

Companies and organisations: UCL

Session: Our Survival Depends Upon Our Environment

Hugh Montgomery obtained a first class degree in cardiorespiratory physiology and neuropharmacology, before qualifying in medicine in 1987. He has since accredited as a specialist in general internal medicine, cardiology and intensive care medicine. He is professor of intensive care medicine at UCL, where he directs the Centre or Human Health and Performance. He has published over 500 papers (3 in Nature), including the description of the first gene for human performance. He has worked in the field of climate change and human health for >20 years: he co-authored the first Lancet Commission report on the subject, and co-chaired the next. He now co-chairs the (35 institution, 27 country) Lancet Countdown on health and climate change. He is GLA London Leader for Sustainability and founded ‘Project Genie’ (schools education on climate change).