Hannah Schneiders

Hannah Schneiders

Professional Title: Clinical Teaching Fellow

Companies and organisations: Great Western Hospital, Swindon, UK

Session: It Happens – D and V on Expeditions

Dr Hannah Schneiders BA BMBCh PGCert MedEd, PGY5, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Great Western Hospital.

Hannah is currently a PGY5 doctor working as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Severn a member of the Academy of Medical Educators, exploring her love of teaching while gaining experience in anaesthetics and intensive care. She has completed her PGCert Medical Education and is now studying for the International Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. Her main expedition medicine interest is covering sports events in extreme environments and she has been to the jungles, mountains and deserts of the world caring for ultra-athletes. She enjoys adventure travel of any kind as well as diving and freediving, and firmly believes that a medical career is a passport not a destination.

For Hannah, the future holds diving medicine and an Arctic expedition once travel is possible again. Hannah’s favourite environment is the searing heat and singing emptiness of the Namib desert, and her favourite piece of kit is the penknife, as that’s what you need to open your dinner.