Erin Kilborn 

Erin Kilborn

Professional Title Medical Activity Manager

Companies & Organisations Medecins Sans Frontiere

Session Gaza POCUS revolution

Graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2008, and from the institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp in 2010.

Erin Undertook an expedition medicine job with Raleigh international in 2012 in Borneo, also worked on an expedition to the Peruvian Amazon.

The primary focus of her medical career outside training in emergency medicine in Glasgow, has been on humanitarian work with Medecins Sans Frontieres. Since 2013, Erin has undertaken four missions with MSF to Haiti in a Burns unit, Central African Republic in a trauma centre, Syria in an emergency department and refugee camps in the northern Kurdish territories, and lastly in Gaza specialising in Burns, and a specialist antibiotic and Ortho-plastic program managing complex wounds complicated by osteomyelitis.