Eoin Walker

Eoin Walker, WEM Trauma Lead

Eoin Walker

Professional title: 
Pre-Hospital Mass Causality Incident Management Paramedic, Pre-Hospital Medical Director for WEM
Companies and organisations: 
World Extreme Medicine, Exeter University, ICRC

Eoin Walker works as a pre-hospital delegate on behalf of ICRC to the Egyptian Government specifically focussed on Major Incident Training. He has 18 years of paramedic experience with 5 years as a critical care paramedic and 10 years of emeritus and full-time secondments to London’s Air Ambulance. 

He also works as the WEM Pre-Hospital Director and as tutor and faculty for the MSc in Extreme Medicine at Exeter University Medical School and as a medical expert witness for law firms. He attended the 7/7 bombings as a junior paramedic in 2005 and was the 3rd on scene at the Aldgate Tube bombing. 

Eoin is a passionate educator and a regular contributor to the online WEM Academy.

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