David Halliwell

David Miller

Professional Title Paramedic MSc, Director

Companies & Organisations Lifecast Body Simulation

Session Title Using Realism in Simulation to protect Medic

Simulation has become a big business, and the outdated strategy of using plastic manikins to educate staff in clinical skills is now giving way to new technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing combined with the development of new Polymers is transforming manikin design and our thinking about simulation and maximising student expectations.
This session will outline the Educational background relating to medical simulation and will showcase the processes of 3D scanning people to make manikins that truly challenge clinicians thinking.
It will discuss – weight, movement, uncanny valley, smell and colour, and their links to student performance.

Using Movie making based technologies the presentation will outline the Human factors-based strategies for PTSD reduction in clinicians and commanders associated with the use of Realism in Training. It explores in depth the concept of “Train hard / Work easy”.

Dave Halliwell the speaker is a senior research and teaching fellow at Brighton University, and a clinical entrepreneur, developing lifesaving strategies and programmes.

The presentation will also feature work undertaken by his team to develop senior health commanders in Lebannon, Qatar, the USA, Uganda and here in the UK.