Anil Menon

Anil Menon

Professional Title LtCol. (Dr.) Medical Director and Emergency Physician

Companies and Organisations Spacex

Session Title The Final Frontier of Remote & Rural Health

LtCol. (Dr.) Anil Menon is an actively practicing emergency physician and Medical Director at SpaceX where he has worked in a range of remote medical environments and operational environments. He is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Aerospace Medicine and completed a 1-year fellowship in wilderness medicine under Dr. Paul Auerbach.

Previously he worked at NASA as a flight surgeon. He has worked at the Gagarin Training Center near Moscow, Guatemala, the Sahara desert, Mount Everest, Nepal, and Haiti. At SpaceX, he has been working to develop the medical system to enable us to travel to Mars.  He is a flight surgeon in the 45th Space Wing and a member of the Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT).

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