World Extreme Medicine Conference Profile

World Extreme Medicine; where humankind goes, medicine must follow.

We are dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world’s medical professionals, willing to risk themselves to help others. The World Extreme Medicine Conference is a powerful and high-profile event, recognised for its world-renowned speakers, its authoritative and innovative content plus its contribution to sharing information for those practicing medicine at its most remote and austere.

The World Extreme Medicine Conference is organised as ‘Not for Profit’ activity by our hosting company World Extreme Medicine (WEM).

We have built a platform where inspiring medical minds meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working. We have an eclectic range of partners from a variety of disciplines; medicine to zoology and military to aero-medical retrieval. We introduce research, left field paradigms and innovation. The energy is unparalleled and the presence of so many amazingly energetic minds creates an electrifying experience.

The combination of an incredible speaker line-up, practical workshops and demonstrations of medical techniques in challenging environments, is a compelling proposition for our international audience of medical professionals, more than 900 of whom attended the three-day event in 2018.

Being a medic just became the most exciting career in the universe…