Digital Research Poster Submission Portal

An Inspirational Story or Adventure?

Have you got an incredible story from the world of extreme medicine?

Some ground-breaking research?

Have you been working on something that will change how we practise medicine in remote and austere environments?

An Essential Skill?

Do you have a field-proven technique or medical ‘hack’ that will help others become more effective practitioners of remote medicine?

Share your research, case, or topic with the world! This is your chance to showcase your area of interest at this year’s World Extreme Medicine in front of our distinguished panel of experts and thousands of medical delegates around the world.

We are looking for an inspirational story, ground-breaking research, or an essential skill that you can share via a digital poster and a 60-second explainer video on why your big idea is so important. In addition to the kudos, there are also some exciting prizes up for grabs…

Entry criteria 

To enter you’ll need to distil your key ideas into a PDF poster that is engaging and visually appealing. It will require creativity: what to leave out is just as important as what you leave in. Please ensure there is no patient-identifiable information on there. Landscape or portrait are both accepted. We accept entries from across the full range of disciplines allied to the practice of medicine in extreme environments.

To accompany your poster you must also send us a 60-second video of you explaining your poster.

Winners criteria 

The World Extreme Medicine panel will pick our top 3 entries based on the following:

  • Quality of presentation
  • Impact of content

Provisional judging panel:
Dr Will Duffin (Conference Content Director, UK)
Dr Mike Barratt (Physician, NASA, US)
Dr Karina Oliani ( ED Physician, Brazil)


1st place: Physical conference ticket to 2022 + digital pass.
2nd place: Digital pass = 1-year subscription to the academy.
3rd place: Academy subscription. Plus, World Extreme Medicine goody bag.

Deadline and Winners Announcements

Due to high demand and quality of entries deadline for entries is now  31st October 2021. Winners will be announced at this year’s conference and you’ll be notified by email.

Complete the online submission form below and you take your research to the world! 

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