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Dr Peter K. Ben Embarek at the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2021

World Extreme Medicine are proud to announce that that Dr Peter K. Ben Embarek, Head of the One Health Initiative unit at the World Health Organization will be speaking at the 10th World Extreme Medicine Conference. From 13th – 15th November in Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh or via a digital ticket platform.

Having worked with the World Health Organization for 20 years, Dr Peter K. Ben Embarek has extensive experience in food safety and the management of international food safety crisis across the globe. His work has focused on the food related and One Health aspects of emerging zoonotic diseases at the human animal interface. This included being part of the response to SARS, MERS, H5N1 Ebola Reston, and more recently of COVID-19.

Dr Ben Embarek’s participation at the World Extreme Medicine Conference will help to explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has shown there needs to be more attention given to better detection and surveillance of potential human pathogens in animals and in the environment to prevent future outbreaks. Illustrating the need to take a One Health approach when addressing the emergence of new diseases at the human animal interface.

World Extreme Medicine founder, Mark Hannaford, feels Dr Ben Embarek’s involvement is the perfect speaker match-up, “The theme for this year’s conference is ‘’A New World Awaits’ as we explore the world of medicine post pandemic. Dr Ben Embarek’s long experience within the WHO and his understanding on the prevention of emerging food related zoonoses ties this together perfectly and sets it up for a once in a lifetime learning opportunity for those in attendance.”

The annual World Extreme Medicine Conference is a three-day hybrid conference providing access to a network of expert speakers across the full breadth of extreme medicine. For its 10th year, it will explore the new world that now awaits following the COVID-19 pandemic encompassing humanitarian, disaster relief, expedition, space, military, tactical and performance medicine

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