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Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox Former Royal Marine Commando, SBS Sergeant Team Leader and Special Forces Instructor on ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ joined us at our 2020 World Extreme Medicine Conference where he talked about his own experience of PTSD in our mental health panel discussion on Day 2.

Jason Fox, otherwise known as ‘Foxy’, is a former Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces Sergeant who has led and executed large-scale global operations including hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics missions as well as being a professional bodyguard, to name but a few! The skills and experience gained from his time in the military, plus the extreme challenges he now takes on as part of ‘Team Essence’ means he is the perfect guest speaker at #WEM20 after speaking at previous conferences including our WEMski mini-conference which focuses on the mental health of medics.

Having joined the military at 16 years of age, Jason served with the Royal Marine Commandos and ten years later, after a gruelling 6-month selection process joined the Special Forces. He served with the Special Boat Service as a demolition and counter-terrorism expert, Special Forces dog handler, jungle survival expert and combat swimmer and due to his exceptional leadership skills reached the rank of Sergeant. It was during Jason’s 20-year career in the military that he learnt to focus on the end goal, have a tenacious attitude and to keep himself both physically and mentally fit, which allowed him to stay at the top of his game.

Upon leaving the Special Forces in 2012, Jason experienced working within the corporate sector and security industry where he combined his expertise from the Special Forces with his experience in a business setting. It was in 2015 that Jason stepped into the world of TV and film, assisting production crews who were working in hostile environments such as jungles, deserts and the Arctic. He is now involved in Channel 4’s series ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ as a Special Forces instructor, giving us a small taste of action and adventure around the world.

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