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A lifelong student of extreme medicine NASA Astronaut and Flight Surgeon Dr Mike Barratt introduces the FEWM Fellowship.

The FEWM fellowship; built to serve a community of professionals committed to medicine in the most challenging environments.

The Fellowship of Extreme & Wilderness Medicine (FEWM) recognises a wide range of medical and allied healthcare professionals who have accumulated significant knowledge and skill in this field of medicine. FEWM brings together a broad reach of specialities and sub-specialities including expedition, humanitarian, pre-hospital, space and military medicine. ‘The fellowship also recognises the need to incorporate medical sciences and non-medical personnel whose contributions ensure the field’s advancement.

The FEWM community shares a common interest that pushes remote medicines boundaries and nurtures a mindset capable of adapting to the most extreme environments and clinical settings. Community members will be committed to the growth and support of all members through mentorship, education experience and collective identity.’