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Now in its 10th year, the 3 day World Extreme Medicine Conference is a powerful and high-profile event, created to break down barriers, build bridges and make connections within the extreme medicine community.

It is recognised for its world-renowned speakers, its authoritative and innovative content, plus its contribution to sharing information for those practising medicine in the most remote and austere environments known to humankind.

This amazing worldwide gathering of eclectic medical minds, thought-leaders and extreme adventurers gives you access to one of the most energetic and unique networks in the universe – a truly compelling and enticing proposition for our global audience of medical professionals.

6 excellent reasons to attend the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2021:

  • World-renowned speakers – we’re able to attract an extraordinary selection of speakers who will share their extreme experiences in fascinating talks, explain field-proven techniques, promote new approaches and best practices, and inform and educate fellow medics about the key issues and challenges being faced today in the world of extreme medicine.
  • Topics – the conference brings together four disparate but overlapping medical fields in one arena: Pre-Hospital, Disaster & Humanitarian, Expedition, and Extreme Medicine. As well as covering rescue equipment, medical supplies, generalist expedition and remote environmental kit, pharmaceuticals, and innovations and communications equipment and services.
  • Hands on experience – we host practical workshops on field-proven techniques and ‘hacks’ to inspire and enhance your skills, helping you to become a more effective and highly valued practitioner of remote medicine.
  • Networking – where else can you meet face-to-face and share experiences with a diverse mix of world-renowned experts in their fields; from Arctic explorers to vascular surgeons, remote medics, to NASA & ESA personnel. Plus, the opportunity to converse with your counterparts and colleagues from around the world.
  • Further your career – enhance your knowledge and increase your skill set to ensure you are in the best position possible to further your medical career and become a more effective and highly valued practitioner. The World Extreme Medicine Conference is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) for 6 CPD credits per day.
  • One of a kind event – our medical conference is one like no other. The energy is unparalleled and the presence of so many awe-inspiring, talented, clever minds creates an electrifying experience you can’t afford to miss!

Whether we see you in Edinburgh or on a screen, we guarantee you an experience like no other where you’ll come away feeling inspired, re-energised and perhaps on the path towards a new career.

Be part of the world’s biggest gathering of extreme medics; dedicated to preparing, inspiring, sharing and connecting medical knowledge with you. Book your place today!


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