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EXTREME MEDICINE: M.Sc & Diploma Programme

Our hosting company World Extreme Medicine is delighted to be working with the University of Exeter to deliver the world’s first Masters programme in Extreme Medicine.

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With the increased awareness of global burdens such as humanitarian crises and sudden onset disasters, more than ever there is a need to be delivering healthcare in highly complex and demanding situations.

You will learn the practical skills, knowledge and understanding needed to perform at the highest possible level in the field of extreme medicine with and from your peers.

Residentials will be a key part of the programme; designed to provide the challenge of learning in an unfamiliar environment and relying on the collaboration and support of the other participants. Residentials include locations in the UK as well as environment-specific modules located in mountain, jungle and polar regions.

The programme’s foundations are rooted in the core values of collaboration, challenge, community, impact and rigour, embedded firmly within the University’s mission to make the exceptional happen, by challenging traditional thinking and defying conventional boundaries.

This unique programme is now taking applications for its second cohort, academic year 2017/18. We begin in year one with the PG-Certificate and students can continue their studies to complete the Diploma and full masters programme in years two and three, should you choose.

This is medicine at its best, crossing geographical and professional boundaries.

See the course on the University’s website HERE.

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