Royal Society of Medicine, London
8th - 11th November 2014
World Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo - Remote Medicine Awards
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EWM Awards for Excellence in Remote Medicine

The EWM awards are geared to keep all of us in the industry motivated and are dedicated to everyone involved in extreme medicine no matter how great or small their involvement.
The awards recognise the achievements of some of the most inspiring personalities and companies that are associated in one form or another in the growth of the Remote Medicine industry.

New awards for 2014 to be announced soon...

Company of the year

This award will be presented to the company or organisation that has made an exceptional impact on extreme medicine, one that has strived to excel and has set new standards in their fields of expertise whether it is in research, product or leadership.

Person of the year

This award recognises outstanding healthcare professionals that have made a significant contribution to the specialised area of extreme medicine. These contributions, whether they have been in research, leadership, innovation or mentorship, must have had a lasting impact in extreme medicine and must have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to develop this specialised industry.

If you wish to comment on the awards or make any suggestions for this year's awards please contact