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18 CPD credits for attending the greatest Medicine Conference in the world!


31st August 2017


World Extreme Medicine


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Event:             World Extreme Medicine Conference 2017
Date:               25th – 27th November 2017
Location:       Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The World Extreme Medicine Conference is a place with its foundations firmly rooted in all things remarkable, championing leaders of their fields in Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, Disaster and Humanitarian Medicine and Pre-Hospital Medicine, over 3 electrifying, high-profile days.

To that end, just by attending the event, you’ll be awarded 6 CPD (Continued Professional Development) credits per day, accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh); come for the full 3 days and you’ll earn yourself 18 CPD credits and everlasting glory*.

*Don’t quote us on this; WEM cannot guarantee everlasting glory, though we heartedly encourage you to aspire to it!

Pick a pass to suit you

First off, click here to uncover and exhilarate over our (still growing) list of phenomenal speakers, then click here to see what extreme treats are in store for you on each day. (Links open in a new window, we don’t want you absconding just yet!).

Next, consider your options below and decide which day pass matches your thirst for extreme, cutting-edge, medical knowledge and CPD credits.

1-day pass

6 CPD credits

The cost:      £105 | Medical Undergraduates

£141 | Nurses, Paramedics & Junior Doctors

£208 | Registrars & Consultants

2-day pass

12 CPD credits

The cost:      £210 | Medical Undergraduates

£282 | Nurses, Paramedics & Junior Doctors

£416 | Registrars & Consultants

3-day pass (All include a 10% discount)

18 CPD credits

The cost:      £283 | 10% Discounts for Medical Undergraduates [SOLD OUT]

£381 | Discounted 10% for Nurses, Paramedics & Junior Doctors

£562 | Discounted 10% for Registrars & Consultants


If you’ve already settled on a day – or 3, then click here to BOOK NOW and prepare yourself for the world’s greatest assembly of extreme medics and world-renowned guest speakers!

What are CPD credits exactly?

In short, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) defines the engagement of professionals in activities that aid to develop their knowledge through various learning methodologies:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Best practice techniques
  • Sharing ideas
  • Online educational programmes

The primary focus is to maintain academic and practical relevance in your field, enabling you to upskill, irrespective of your age, educational background and/or career.

I want CPD credits – sign me up!

Join your peers for the most extreme medical event of the year and help us break down inter-disciplinary barriers, build lasting bridges and network with some of the most innovative and authoritative medical minds in the world.

Then take all those CPD credits for your remarkable achievement!

P.S. At World Extreme Medicine, we also offer a wide range of the most extreme courses in expedition, wilderness, disaster, humanitarian and pre-hospital medicine – all of which offer even more CPD credits ready to be earned –  uncover them right here.

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